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Hospital Discharges: Occupational Therapists Are Key!

A hospital discharge can be very challenging.   “How do you get back to everyday routines, especially if your body and mind aren’t able to do what they did so easily before?”  The key resources are Occupational Therapists (OT’s).    This great Toronto Star article below explains what OT’s do to help people recover the ability to do what they need and want to do.

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At My Healthcare Concierge, we assign an Occupational Therapist on each case since we believe that every seniors should be “active” and engaged, whether they are using a walker, recovering from a stroke, or struggling to find new routines after the loss of a spouse.   We believe that OT’s are the secret sauce for better seniors care, whether you have been discharged from hospital or simply wanting a high quality of life despite normal physical and mental declines that come with aging.