My Healthcare Concierge offers a range of services for seniors that improve function and restore quality of life, while solving healthcare or homecare challenges. 


You need a plan to solve a care challenge and continue living independently.   The My Healthcare Concierge “Better Living Plan” will improve care and solve health challenges for seniors.   Our registered Occupational Therapists come to the home for an in-depth review of mobility, daily functions, and physical, mental and social health to fully understand your needs.   We provide you with a personalized “Better Living Plan” that is crafted to your unique needs and leverages public and private services to sustain independence, recover faster, increase function and improve quality of life.


Selecting and managing Homecare providers, and accessing public services can be complicated, time consuming and frustrating.  The My Healthcare Concierge  Occupational Therapists have years of experience in coordinating homecare for families just like yours.   We are experts who help you investigate, manage and coordinate all aspects of care for you or your loved ones in a caring, attentive and professional manner.   Our unique approach combines services and supports that work together to help our clients to stay as independent as possible according to their individual needs and budget including:

  • Personal Care, Nursing & Homemaking Services
  • Medical Equipment
  • Home Modifications
  • Government Home Care
  • Retirement Homes, Assisted Living and Long-term Care


Navigating the health system is complex and confusing.    Let MHC translate the medical jargon, advocate and help you get quality timely care.

Patient Advocacy – My Healthcare Concierge Patient Advocacy Services help seniors and their families understand their medical diagnosis and treatment options. Our team will translate medical jargon into meaningful information, talk to your doctor or specialist to advocate for you, and help you make important medical decisions.

Patient Navigation  While understanding diagnosis and treatment options is often the first step in getting better care, there are times when a new path is required. Our highly trained Patient Navigators help you explore different options, improve timing, and get the most out of a complicated Ontario health system.   We can also help find second opinions, locate top specialists, and even manage prestigious US or international healthcare.

Restorative Health Treatment Services

My Healthcare Concierge delivers in-home Restorative Health Treatment (Rehabilitation) services that improve physical, social and cognitive function. Our Registered Therapists have expertise in supporting a senior’s recovery from significant physical and cognitive impairment. Whether your loved one is coping with dementia, recovering from a stroke, regaining mobility after a fall, or simply has lost independence due to aging, we can help.