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Wandering is Complicated

Many of the families that work with MHC have a loved one diagnosed with dementia, whether Alzheimer’s or other.   One of the challenges and fears when a loved one is still living at home is wandering.    Families worry about their parent getting lost after leaving the home.

The Toronto Star article below is written by an Occupational Therapist who works at Baycrest.  It outlines that “exit seeking” can be triggered by a whole range of factors from lack of activities in the home, to an emotional response, to discomfort and of course simply forgetting the purpose of leaving the home and not being able to navigate.

The article shows many of the practical strategies that can be deployed to reduce wandering as well as reduce associated risks.   My Healthcare Concierge can implement these strategies for our clients.

Toronto Star Article on Wandering Associated with Dementia

Elderly woman staring out the window. Wandering is often a product of a person with dementia who is not able to express their needs or communicate.