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Speed Training for Brain Has Greatest Benefit in Reducing Dementia

A ten year study released in 2016 showed that speed training – computer games that help adults visually process information more quickly – reduced risk of dementia ten years later by 30 to 48%.     Equally, the study showed that other forms of brain exercises (working on memory or reasoning) had minimal impact on reducing dementia.

See bottom of blog post for a Wall Street Journal article on this study as well as a video from Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN.   I also include a link to the computer game used for speed training called Double Decision.

Screen Shot of Double Decision Speed Training Game

Study Summary and Context:

The encouraging result was that even adults who only did 11 to 14 hours of speed training for a period of weeks at the start of the study had a 33% lower incidence of dementia ten years later.     As parents we tell our children to play less video games, but in this case a specific video game that helps seniors process visual information more quickly turns out to be very beneficial.

We should remind you that while this was a credible long term study, it has not yet been peer reviewed and more research is required on optimal speed training.   There is no cure for Alzheimer’s, and no consensus on the mechanics underlying the disease.    In general terms, brain exercises are believed to work by leveraging neuroplasticity – the brains ability to re-organize itself by creating new connections.

The study was funded by the US based National Institute on Aging, and studied over 2,800 health adults for 10 years.    Adults were split into memory training, reasoning training and speed training.   The study was released at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto in July of this year.

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The primary computer game used to conduct speed training is called Double Decision.  See below for the website that sells that game (no affiliation to our company).

Site to Purchase Access to Double Decision Speed Training Game