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Occupational Therapists at the Forefront of Healthcare

At MHC, we use Occupational Therapists as case managers for our clients, because we believe they are the right health professional to help frail seniors continue to live at home, and maximize their quality of life despite physical or cognitive limitations.

See below a great article from the United Kingdom showing how their public health system is recognizing the importance of the OT role in helping seniors.   The results are better hospital discharges, lower re-admissions and shorter hospital length of stay.

One of the initiatives has an OT riding along with an ambulance that is responding to falls in the home by seniors.     This is what an OT describes doing on one such call in the UK.

“Our first call is to an 85 year old lady found on her bedroom floor by her carer.  Gail checks her for injuries.    I assess her getting on and off the bed, the toilet, and sitting up and down.  I check her cognition.  She is a bit confused as a result of a urinary tract infection.   We get her GP to prescribe antibiotics, and I look at getting a commode and some rails which can be delivered the same day.  I make referrals, arranging wraparound support, ring physiotherapy to make a further assessment, and social services to get her a crisis carer.”

Many Canadians don’t realize the value or role of an Occupational Therapist, but globally there are many examples of innovative ways to deploy their knowledge and skills to improve seniors care.

Guardian Article On Impact of OT’s

Female occupational therapist and elderly woman smiling during session to improve balance and stability in hospital