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Be Careful Seniors: It is Flu Season

Every winter we like to remind everyone, but particularly seniors, to get a flu shot and to take precautions.   Globally, 5 to 10% of adults each year get the flu.   People over 65 are at the highest risk of serious complications from the flu, even death.    The best defence is a combination of the flu shot, regular proper cleaning of hands, sneezing into your sleeve, eating well and getting sufficient sleep.   With the flu shot being available at over 2,600 pharmacies as well as doctor offices, its very easy to get the flu shot for you and your family.

Our medical director Dr Kim Panovka and her family get the flu shot each year.

Visit to find a flu shot clinic near you.

Below, we include an article from Dr David Williams, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario.

Article from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer