Our Origins

Our philosophy is simple and based on caring, respect and advocacy. It is to be on your side, and at your side, like having a family member who is a doctor who is personally invested in your wellbeing and quality of life.  We came into existence because of the personal experience of Dr. Kim Panovka, our Medical Director.

When her elderly father faced difficult decisions for a serious health condition Kim was shocked to realize how important her specialized skills and experience were in advocating and finding help for her father.

Kim brought the full force of her knowledge and energy to helping her father by:

  • Listening to her father’s concerns about the treatments
  • Listening to and acting on her mother’s concerns about the impact of discontinuing or changing the treatments on her father’s prognosis
  • Contacting all the physicians and advocating on his behalf
  • Facilitating discussions with and between the surgeon, specialist and family doctor
  • ‘Translating’ the medical information for her parents and sibling(s)
  • Creating a flexible care plan palatable to her father (fewer and less invasive procedures) that allows him to live the life he wants, but within parameters that his physicians are comfortable with
  • Monitoring progress and facilitating communication

Throughout this experience Kim began to question: “What happens to those who don’t have a daughter or son who is a doctor, and has time to help?”

Kim began to poll colleagues and friends about the challenges that seniors and families face. When she discussed this with friends running a leading rehabilitation firm, they identified that not only could people benefit from support in navigating senior’s health but there was also a lack of rehabilitation mindset and services in traditional homecare. Kim and her friends realized that a solution was needed and agreed to solve care challenges by combining the best of in-home rehabilitation services with experienced health system navigation. This led to the creation of My Healthcare Concierge.